Rotel R3M4D1S - 4 Deck 1 Split Bakery Oven

R3M4D1S_AU (1).png
R3M4D1S_AU (1).png

Rotel R3M4D1S - 4 Deck 1 Split Bakery Oven


Rotel R3M4D1S - VTL Advantage 4 Deck, 1 Split Bakery Oven


W: 1533mm D: 1570mm H: 1893mm

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Product Features

4 deck, 1 split bakery oven

10 tray capacity with 60 loaf capacity

VTL (Variable Temperature Loading) offers better energy efficiency, ease of use and less down time

Live in-built steaming system fitted to chambers

Each chamber individually controlled

Touch screen controllers that operate with minimal staff input

Up to 99 baking programs (universal programming for all decks)

Automatic pre-heating of all decks

Temperature control range up to 270 degrees celsius

Bake time range 0-120 minutes standard (adjustable to 256 minutes)

Interior lamps fitted standard to all chambers

Oven chamber accepts 40 and 45cm wide trays

Manual bake mode

Three phase power