Dipo DC23 - Counter Top Induction Cooker

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Dipo DC23 - Counter Top Induction Cooker


Dipo DC23 Induction Cooker

Designed and manufactured in Korea, the high-quality Dipo induction machines are made to withstand the demands of busy commercial kitchens and deliver precise fast heat settings with true energy efficiency and reliability.

Dipo machines excel because they:

Are able to deal with very high temperatures, such as cooking steaks and stir fries
Feature a patented highly reliable circuit board that is designed to operate continuously for up to 12 hours
Use the strongest glass (NEG glass made in Japan) to protect from hard impact from cooking vessels
Featuring dynamic pan sensing technology with response times that set the benchmark for induction ranges. This allows users to flip contents in the pan (like for gas) without noticeable heat loss. The Dipo units allow 10 mm of pan separation from the glass surface before the pan exits the magnetic field where power cuts out. It switches on within about 0.5 seconds of re-entering the magnetic field.

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Product Features

Simple clean design
Portable unit enabling flexible set up and easy storage
Easy operation
7 simmer and 10 cook settings
LED display
Automatic over-temperature shut-off
Automatic pan sensing technology
Large cleanable intake air filter below
Standard 10 amp plug