Roband HQ - Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies


Roband HQ - Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies


Roband HQ Quartz Heat Lamp

The stylish and functional Roband quartz heat lamp assemblies provide a balance of heat and light to front or back of house applications. They are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium, with a number of different sizes and options available to suit various requirements.

The Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies now also feature Easy Fit globes which have a protective quartz outer layer that encapsulates the inner globe allowing for easier handling, and are easily replaceable without the need for an electrician.

The standard heat lamps (e.g. HQ450E) come with a control box that houses the isolating on/off switch. They also feature a simple mounting system and come complete with a 10 Amp plug and cord.

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Product Features

Anodized aluminium body in a variety of sizes
Designed to give a balance of heat and light
Easy fit quartz halogen globes, easily replaceable in seconds
Metal lamp guard
Simple mounting system

Available in the following lengths:
450mm (1 globe); 900mm (2 globes); 1200mm (3 globes); 1500mm (4 globes) 1800mm (4 globes); 2100mm (5 globes)