Robot Coupe J80 ULTRA - Automatic Juice Extractor


Robot Coupe J80 ULTRA - Automatic Juice Extractor


Robot Coupe J80 Automatic Juice Extractor

Patented automatic feed tube with a diameter of 79 mm.

The powerful, resilient commercial-grade motor operates at a speed of 3,000 rpm, meaning that the juice oxidizes less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour. The noise levels of the J80 Ultra are so low that it can be used right in front of the customer.

The pulp collector of 6.5 Qt fits perfectly under the discharge chute to avoid splashing on the countertop.

Removable (no special tool required) stainless-steel basket for quick and easy cleaning

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Product Features

Power: 700 Watts

Voltage: Single phase 230 V

Speed: 3000 rpm

Height Clearance: 162 mm