Robot Coupe MINI MP 160V.V - Power Mixer


Robot Coupe MINI MP 160V.V - Power Mixer

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Robot Coupe MINIMP160VV Power Mixer

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Great attention has been paid to the design of the handle for maximizing grip of the mixer and fatigue free use.
2000 to 12500 rpm in mixer function.

350 to 1500 rpm in whisk function.

The foot, blade and tube dismantle for perfect hygiene - an exclusive  Robot-Coupe patented system.
The tube, bell housing and blade are made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel removable emulsion disc to aerate hot and cold sauces to give them a mousse like consistency.

Stainless steel overmoulded blade to guarantee perfect hygiene. Used for preparing veloutés and sauces.

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Product Features

Pan Capacity: Special for small preparations
Tube length: 160 mm
Power: 240 Watts
Speeds: 2000 to 12500 rpm