Robot Coupe R2 - 2.9L Tabletop Cutter

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R2 Table Top Cutter.png

Robot Coupe R2 - 2.9L Tabletop Cutter


Robot Coupe R2 Tabletop Cutter

2.9-litre brushed stainless-steel bowl with handle
A smooth blade assembly is supplied as a standard attachment, with cap which can be removed for cleaning.

As an option, fine-serrated blade assembly recommended for chopping parsley.

Further option: serrated blade assembly for grinding and kneading tasks.

Polycarbonate lid designed to allow the addition of liquid or ingredients during processing.

Ergonomic bowl handle.

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Product Features

Power: 550 Watts
Voltage: Single-phase
Speeds: 1500 Rpm
Bowl capacity: 2.9 litres
Number of covers: 10 to 20