Robot Coupe R502 - Food Processor


Robot Coupe R502 - Food Processor


Robot Coupe R502 Food Processor

5.5-litre stainless-steel bowl. Delivered with a smooth blade. Optional extras:

- Coarse serrated blade for grinding and kneading tasks.
- Fine serrated blade for chopping parsley.

2 speeds: 750 and 1500 rpm. The 1 500 rpm speed is specifically intended for the cutter function. Model provided with 2 speeds:750 and 1500 rpm 

The speed of 750 rpm is reserved for the vegetable preparation function. Complete collection of discs available to satisfy all your requirements for the preparation of fruits and vegetables: slicing, julienne, ripple cutting, grating, dicing and French Fries.

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Production Features

Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: Three phase
Speed(s): 750 and 1500 rpm
Cutter bowl capacity: 5.5 litres
Available discs: 50
Number of covers: 30 to 300