Roband TCR10 - Conveyor Toaster

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TCR10 Conveyor Toaster.png

Roband TCR10 - Conveyor Toaster


Roband TCR10 Conveyor Toaster

When it comes to serving large quantities of toasted bread, crumpets or muffins in a hurry, Roband conveyor toasters are the answer. With the capacity to toast up to 300 slices per hour, this toaster can handle the heaviest demands. Add the convenience of the front load/front return feature and you have an unbeatable combination.

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Product Features

Ideal for toasting large volumes of bread, crumpets or muffins
Stainless steel body
Modern brushed stainless steel finish
Selectable heat source top or bottom or both together
Front entry, adjustable front return or pass through exit chute
Variable electronic conveyor speed control
Easy-clean crumb tray and reflector
Dura-Life stainless steel elements for prolonged element life
Cover for speed controller switch
45 mm clearance at entry point