Woodson W.CVT.BUN.25 - Bun Conveyor Toaster


Woodson W.CVT.BUN.25 - Bun Conveyor Toaster


Woodson W.CVT.BUN.25 Conveyor Toaster

The Bun 25 is Woodson Starline’s reliable countertop unit, designed especially for toasting hamburger buns. It creates a more accessible and functional workspace for your kitchen. With variable top and bottom temperature control as well as belt speed control and turbo fan cooled features, the Bun 25 is a commercial kitchen's ultimate hamburger bun toasting unit.

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Product Features

Front loading and front exiting conveyor toaster ideal for hamburger buns with 356mm belt width
Long-life metal elements for continuous use
Capacity of up to 250 Buns per hour
Available in 25 Amp model
Variable top and bottom independent temperature controls
Variable speed belt control
Stainless steel construction
Chamber clearance of 70mm
Supplied with no plug or lead for hard wiring on site by a qualified electrician. Optional factory fitted plug and lead is available
Dimensions of 510 x 570 x 485mm
Electrical rating of 6kW - 25A