If you want a combi oven, you want a convotherm. Combining technology, functionality and style to create a chef's best friend

Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi-steamer oven knows how Moffat's pioneering catering equipment inspires better food preparation. “Your meal. Our mission.“ is Moffat's philosophy, born out of their passion and commitment to provide the best combi-steamer oven solution that answer the varied needs of our customers.
The Convotherm 4 range of combi-steamer ovens brings style into the professional commercial kitchen. From first glance, this oven combines world-class technology with user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design. All models share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the often hectic daily life of food service.

Convotherm's new combi-steamer ovens include seven sizes of ovens, each with six different model options. The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this product category.