Waldorf SMB60G - Gas Multi-Function Tilting Bratt Pan


Waldorf SMB60G - Gas Multi-Function Tilting Bratt Pan


Waldorf SMB60G Multi - Gas Heated Tilting Bratt Pan - Without Pressure

Model Number
SMB60G Multi
W: 1700mm D: 900mm H: 1600mm

Packed Weight: 385kg

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Product Features

150 litre capacity multi-function bratt pan
Digital display
Electric tilting
Programmable electronic timer
Stainless steel bratt pan with rounded corners and bi-metallic heat diffusing base
304 stainless steel Autoclave lid, hinged and balanced
Heat insulated construction with rock wool panels for efficient heat retention
Auto heat shut-off when tilting
Hot and cold water supply with digital controls and swivelling spout
Linear multi-burner with electronic ignition and flame monitoring