Purchasing a Vito Oil Filtratation System is an investment that will cut your oil spend by up to 50%, and increase your food quality and flavour profile. Kitchen safety goes up, while labour goes down - the units are so simple and safe to use with no need to transfer the hot oil from your fryer to a cumbersome filter and then back to your fryer.


The most significant difference between Vito and other filtration systems is the filtering process itself. The Vito uses pressure to force the oil through a microfilter as opposed to gravity which other systems use. This pressure enables the use of a much finer filter medium which captures more suspended sediment and carbon than any other filtering product on the market. The benefits are all positive; your foods will taste better, they will be much healthier to eat and you'll significantly prolong the life of your oil while serving a consistently better product. Vito customers report 40% to 50% longer oil life when used as recommended.