The Waldorf range now offers two defining series with two distinct differences; the Waldorf 800 series continues the tradition of bulletproof performance and dependability with a range of European inspired equipment that redefines how the ultimate kitchen should be, the Waldorf Bold series enhances the Waldorf 800 series’ widely appreciated speed, power and efficiency with an aesthetic approach.
Waldorf commercial kitchen equipment configurations offer many features and combinations. This means more options and unlimited creative possibilities. Cleaner lines and consistency in modular design across the entire range enable units to fit together to create an almost seamless kitchen workspace. The industry preferred 800mm depth ensures the efficient use of space, while easily accommodating the advanced performance features that define the Waldorf range.

When your kitchen equipment needs to attract and enthrall, the Waldorf Bold series is sleek, seductive and sophisticated right down to the custom plinth mounting. All the performance you have come to expect from the Waldorf 800 series but with a sleek, aesthetic twist. And, while we started with a dramatic black vitreous enamel finish, Waldorf Bold is also available in burgundy or chilli red to match the décor of even the finest commercial kitchens.

Create the layout you desire, mix and match target tops, chargrills, cooktops, griddles, induction cooktops, with tops and bottoms of your choice.

Need an oven to go under that Griddle? A Gas Cooktop with storage underneath? Are you desperate for extra refrigeration? With a bigger range of tops and bottoms available as individual units, the Waldorf range of commercial kitchen equipment enables you to configure your kitchen just about any way you like.