Washtech AL8 - Potwasher


Washtech AL8 - Potwasher


Washtech AL8 - Large Body Passthrough Warewasher 500mm x 600mm Rack


W: 905mm D: 730mm H: 1695mm
Volume: 1.5m3
Packed Weight: 176kg

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Product Features

2.6 litres per cycle water consumption

1.5kW wash pump re-circulates wash water at nominal 800 litres per minute

Triple cycle selection 2, 4 and 6 minute cycles

Electromechanical controls

FastClean rounded wash tank, double filtration, scrap and pump inlet filters

Powerful rinse booster elements ensure fast recovery between cycles

650mm high wash chamber clearance

Robust stainless steel construction

Suits 500mm international racks

Fits 750mm bench depth

Includes a dish rack, cup rack, cutlery basket & cup cover as standard

Corner or in-line installation