Washtech M2C - Dishwasher


Washtech M2C - Dishwasher


W: 705mm D: 720mm H: 2035mm
Volume: 1.23m3
Packed Weight: 142kg

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Product Features

2.4 litres per cycle cold water consumption

Up to 1080 plates per hour

Electronic controls with enhanced functionality

Significant reduction of steam emitted

Heat Recovery Condensor preheats cold water supply & reduces steam emitted

Service diagnostics for error recognition

Double filtration via scrap trays and separate wash inlet filter

Stainless steel upper & lower wash & rinse arms with removable cleaning caps

10kW electrical load reducible to 7kW

430mm door clearance

Autostart on hood closure - anti-drip door edge channels water away from operator

Easy clean L-shaped tank with curved corners

Stainless steel construction

Unique 595mm or 640mm bench gap installation option

Includes dish rack, cup rack & cutlery container as standard

Corner or In-line Installlation