Washtech XP - Dishwasher


Washtech XP - Dishwasher


Washtech XP - Economy Passthrough Dishwasher - 500mm Rack

W: 705mm D: 720mm H: 1525mm
Volume: 0.91m3
Packed Weight: 125kg

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Product Features

2.6 litres per cycle hot water consumption

Washes up to 1,080 plates per hour

1, 2 and 3 minute wash cycles

Classic electromechanical controls

Re-circulates wash water at nominal 350 litres per minute

2.5kW wash and 3/6 kW rinse heating (3 phase required for 6kW)

Double filtration system

Upper and lower wash & rinse arms with precision moulded jets

Autostart on door closure

430mm wash chamber height clearance

Suits 500mm international racks

Anti-drip door edge channels water away from operator

Supplied with dish rack, cup rack and cutlery container as standard

No commissioning required