Quality from the inside out

From glasswashers to rack conveyor dishwashers, the Washtech range has been developed to meet the requirements of our diverse client base. With simple controls Washtech machines are easy to use. They wash extremely well and are highly energy efficient. Robust and easy to service, they also last an incredibly long time.

Washtech units are handmade, fully-welded and offer consistently thick and durable stainless steel tank construction. The unique copper rinse tanks are designed to withstand even the harshest water conditions. Look past the surface and you'll find a host of unique strengths that only Washtech can provide your business.

High performance

The Washtech commercial dishwashers define the warewashing machines of today, typically containing the most powerful wash pumps in their category to ensure high performance. Bigger pumps deliver higher volumes of wash water via computer designed and positioned wash jets, ensuring faster clean up times and minimises rewash.

Many Washtech models are also one touch multi-cycle, to provide longer cycle options for more highly soiled washware without using any more water per cycle.

Built to last

Copper rinse boilers are another example of Washtech's commitment to quality and long machine life. While copper tanks are more expensive than stainless (and have to be handcrafted), they're far more durable in hard water conditions.

Complete with extra strong doors; the undercounter machines can take a beating in the daily grind of the kitchen. In passthrough models like the M2, hoods are legendary. They're the lightest in the industry with perfect balance ensuring no stress is placed on the hoods when being lifted. This makes them especially easy to use, particularly in corner situations where one-hand operation is vital hence making them last far, far longer.

Easy to clean

Most of the Washtech units have multiple filtration systems for superior wash performance and to make internal cleaning so much easier and quicker. The L-shape tank is designed with curved corners and scrap trays allowing waste to collect where it's easier to reach and remove.

Most machines also include a number of other Fast-Clean features for the easiest ongoing cleaning work.

The importance of sustainable design

There are a number of different reasons why reducing water consumption is crucial to efficiency. All of the water used must be heated to temperatures adequate to wash well and sanitise effectively during the final hot rinse. Chemicals, such as detergent and rinse aid are vital to overall performance, and the consumption of these depends on water volumes. Washtech offers all the latest technical innovations and meet the strictest hygiene requirements with low water consumption – the GM recirculating glasswasher only uses 2 litres of water per cycle even on long cycles.